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Enjoy Summer Vacation by Doing these 5 Activities for Kids

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It’s time for summer vacations and while many of you may have already planned your holiday or trips to your preferred destinations, some of you may be thinking of staying behind. But, whether or not you choose to travel, you must provide your kids with plenty of opportunities to enjoy their vacations.

Enjoy Summer Vacation Activities for Kids

Enjoy Summer Vacation

Besides, given the hot & humid weather, you would prefer your child to stay behind and not go outdoors. However, often when you force the children to stay at home, you find them getting bored or idling their time at home or on most occasions watching television. Can you relate to these situations? Do you feel that your kids will most likely end up wasting their holidays and learning nothing for as long as their vacation lasts?

If yes, then consider engaging them in some of these fun summer activities this vacation. The best part about each of these activities is that you don’t need to send your kids outside in the sun. Many of these activities can be enjoyed right inside the comfort of your homes. So, go ahead and indulge your kids in some of these amazing summer activities that entail both learning and playing.              

1. Ice-Cream Making: Kids love to eat ice-creams, but what if you taught them how to make one also. Wouldn’t they be excited? Well, certainly yes! So, go ahead and take out those ice-cream moulds and do some internet search to find quick & easy home-made ice-cream recipes. Not only will your kids enjoy the entire activity, but when you find them relishing their ice-creams at the end of all that patience and hard work, you will certainly love the entire sight. 

2. Take out Those Paints: A quick and simple way to engage your kids during their summer vacations is to handover some paints to them. There are a wide variety of oil pastels, water colours and even crayons that you can bring home and give them to your child along with a drawing book or canvas. Kids love to paint and express their ideas on drawing sheets or canvas. Besides, it will also give you an opportunity to discover your child’s hidden talent.

3. Time for Scrap Book: Your children will probably thank you for throwing this idea their way. Creating a scrapbook is both fun and amazing. Why? Well, that’s because they get to gather memories and paste it on colourful pages on the scrapbook. You can also give them a set of sketchpens, colours, glue and colourful papers to create a unique and attractive scrapbook.

4. Enjoy Some Dance Moves: How about enjoying some dance time with your kids? Wouldn’t that leave them happy and excited? The answer is a big yes! So, in the evening or even during the afternoon, turn on your music systems or television sets and play some upbeat tunes to dance alongside your kids. The best part of this activity is that you will get to see your child laughing and smiling with joy. Besides, you will also shed some weight while dancing alongside your kids.

5. Seashell and Sand Art: Another exciting way to keep your children engaged during summer vacations is to give them some sand and a few seashells. You can purchase some coloured sand or alternatively dye sand on your own. Apart from this, buy lots of seashells and colourful pages and teach your child to stick the seashells and sand on it to create unique sand art. In addition to this, they can also use sand and seashells to create beautiful vases, glass bottles and boxes etc.

So, that was our list of top summer activities for kids. You could try all of them out and keep your children happy, excited and most importantly engaged throughout their vacation.

-Puja Bhardwaj

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