Parisian Life

Enjoy Paris Through the Parisian Life


The Parisian Life

This being our first visit to Paris brought us a sense of curiosity and mystery. We did not know what to anticipate. Our friends had visited the city last year and spoke highly of it. This left an urge of desire to visit the city.

Anyways, we decided that we would visit the city this year. Once we boarded the plane and landed in Paris, we could already feel that we got transferred to a place of modern fashion and precious history.

Parisian Life

The views of the buildings, roads, and lanes are stunning. The restaurants and cafes around you tend to bring a sense of appetite. Hence, the term bon appetit. The city has a sense of mystery surrounding it.

We found just about every street, nook, and corner in the city to have something mystic about it. There is an air of fresh flavor around in almost every place. It is no surprise that the people of Paris are proud and happy living there.

There are tons of things to find out like the Underground tunnels Catacombs.

Ancient history – The underground tunnels and Catacombs

If you love art, you will not be disappointed. While Paris is known for its fashion sense, exquisite food, and others, art and culture is something to gravitate too.

You would have heard about the French revolution, where many people lost lives. We were not surprised to find a big queue awaiting us at the ticker counter, then too on a weekday. Of course, you can book your tickets online.

This is a 12th-century place that is built using limestone and other materials. It immediately transports you to paradise. You are provided with a local tour guide, who enlightens you about the past and the city.

The bakeries – Le Grenier

Now, we come to the central aspect of the beautiful city of Paris, the food. If you love baked food items, then you will thank your stars — no other better place to be than here. Nearly even street or lane has a bakery, where produce is freshly baked from 3 am.

Parisians are very particular about their bread and cakes. We were lucky to visit Masion Kaiser and Le Grenier since my partner likes baked dishes. You may want to have a booklet on the bakeries in this city.

The list is countless. We were delighted to have the bread, baguette, pastries, and croissants that the city can produce.

Masion Kaiser bakes for the president, and Le Grenier has received several food awards for its products.

The exciting life in Paris

Life in Paris is excellent. Many know how to communicate with you in English or French. The traffic is light, and you can cross the roads safely. There is Wi-Fi connectivity almost everywhere.

However, we were told by our guesthouse owner to avoid night times in certain areas as it could be bad for tourists.

We opted for a youth hostel that is affordable and reasonably priced for a week. You can also make use of Airbnb. Unless you got the money or a deep pocket, then you can try your luck in 3 or 5-star hotels, and live life king size.

The French cuisine

French cuisine offers you a wide range of food items. You are spoilt for choices like bread, raisin bread, scrumptious cakes, deep-fried falafel, steak, and of course, French fries.

The French are known to take their cooking seriously. The chocolate fondue blew my mind. We had it in an ordinary café, and it was mind-blowing. Before we forget, the cheese, too, was just amazing.

Some of the famous cheese makes like Mozzarella and Parmesan are available in plenty.

Summing up

Did we enjoy our trip to Paris? You bet we did. The city of Paris seems to have something up its sleeve each time you visit there.

Parisian food and life are both synchronous. They love to work hard, are helpful to visitors; are proud of their culture, and are cheerful. There is something addictive about French food. Be it even the simple croissant. French culture can teach you a lot of valuable lessons in life.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to roam around the city of Paris.

We are sure that you find something that catches your eye.


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