Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Product Review

Enterprise software seeks to meet the needs of the digital transformation of companies with the ultimate goal of customer delight. DXP or Digital Experience Platform is a nascent category of a suite of products that work in conjunction to provide an architectural framework of digitization of operations to deliver interconnected customer experiences and piece together actionable customer feedback. DXP contributes both to disruptions by upstarts, and the opportunity of digitization that established businesses like banking are facing.

Managing customer documents with the help of digital assets and media management services

DXP allows FI’s (Financial Institutions) to create valuable insights into customer information and structure engagement building experiences across channels. Banks are historically known to log into multiple accounts over multiple sites manually to access customer data. This process and non-uniformity within user experiences across applications made daily operations cumbersome.

 DXP aims to streamline these processes to create a singular unified user experience. It is effective in tracking customer metrics, anticipating customer needs and behaviour. The end product is to facilitate a user-friendly interface to use technology stack that offers personalization and repurchase recommendations.

Enabling web and digital branding strategy with the help of enterprise DXP

DXP’s can provide a deep transformation of the business operations or can be primarily based on brand awareness and marketing strategy. Ideally, the DXP should possess both marketing and operational capacities. FI’s face the challenge of turning vast amounts of data into meaningful insights on how to create the superlative customer experience.

DXP offers a single toolset that is specifically designed to work as a solution to all branding and marketing efforts by tying together customer information and experience across multiple interactions. Banks can avail of organically developed features on an Omnichannel that allows the seamless integration of applications and data. The customer satisfaction quotient skyrockets when customer experience is customized and dynamic leading to a superior brand recollection and conversion ratio. DXP fills the gap of addressing the continuity issues between a bank’s mobile, online and in-brand experience. It aims to provide a cohesive and engaging value-added customer experience that results in long term customer retention. It is the prime example of the use of technology to build highly customizable, consistent and unified user experience.


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