Healthy & Delicious Palak Capsicum Bread Coins

Delicious Palak Capsicum Bread Coins Recipe 2022

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Palak Capsicum Bread Coins

Being hyperactive and full of energy kids nowadays are totally restless. It becomes all the more important to provide them with all the essential nutrients in their daily meals. And we mothers are always in search of something new and delicious which we can serve to our kids. 

Recently I tried my hand at Palak Capsicum Bread Coins. Let me tell you this snack is not just healthy but it is crispy and tasty too. Moreover, it contains the most dreaded ingredient palak which our kids are not ready to eat at all.

Move on and read the easy and quick recipe and don’t forget to try it soon.

Palak Capsicum Bread Coins

List of Ingredients for Palak Capsicum Bread Coins: 

1. Bread: 4 slices

2. Capsicum: 1 small size

3. Spinach (Palak): 10-12 leaves

4. Black Pepper: 1 Tsp

5. Salt to taste

6. Oregano: 2 Tsp

7. Sesame Seeds: 2 Tbsp

8. Potato: 1 small size, boiled and peeled

9. Tomato Sauce to serve with snacks

10. Oil: 2 Tsp

11. Jeera: 1 Tsp

Instructions for making Palak Capsicum Bread Coins:

1. Heat oil in a kadhai and add jeera.

2. Allow the jeera to crackle and then add chopped capsicum and palak. The two ingredients should be chopped in small pieces.

3. Once the capsicum and palak are lightly cooked add mashed potato.

4. Mix all the ingredients properly and add all the spices like black pepper, salt, and oregano. If you wish you can also add some aloo bhujia namkeen to make the mixture a bit crunchy.

5. Now it’s time to cut the bread with a bowl to give round, coin-like shape to the bread slice.

6. Spread the prepared palak and capsicum mixture on each of the round bread slices.

7. Heat the tawa and put light oil on it. Now place each of the bread slices one by one from the bread side and cook until crisp.

8. In the next step sprinkle some sesame seeds on the bread coins and cook.

9. Remove from the tawa and serve warm and not hot with red sauce.

The kids would definitely love this recipe and you can pack it for their lunch or serve it to them in their evening snack. Even you can also make this snack for yourself and enjoy it with a hot cup of tea.


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