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Indian Parents Deal With Unsolicited Advice

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Are you a new mom? If yes, then let me begin by welcoming you to a completely different phase of your life! Nothing can be more exciting than turning into a mother and holding your child in your arms for the very first time. Let me tell you that the journey ahead will feature many sleepless nights coupled with lots of mood swings every now and then, but all of that will be worth experiencing in the end. Remember, being a mother is an extremely difficult yet one of the most rewarding jobs on earth.

From the moment your baby bump shows up and until your child turns into a teenager, you’ll get plenty of unsolicited advices from family, friends, neighbors and at times even strangers. Often, much of this stems from the fact that the people around you are also share a close bond with you and your child.

This thought in itself should be enough for handling their interference with warmth and a gentle smile. After all, this would keep them happy too.  I must emphasize here that it’s your baby and you have every right to raise your child exactly the way you think is best for her/him. However, here are some quick and simple ways to respond to unwanted parenting advice.

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Listen to their Views and thank them

One of the most common advices that you’ll get from people or the elderly members in your family is “Do not use diapers for your child as it may cause rashes and make potty training much difficult.”

Well, we know it’s true but diapers are one of the finest modern day inventions for mothers who need to constantly feed, clean and monitor their child. However, it’s also important to realize that not every piece of advice is unfit and your family member may just be trying to provide you with a valuable insight. The best way to handle such opinions and advice is to thank the person even when you know that you won’t be able to implement their suggestions.

Turn a blind eye

People essentially give advice based on their experiences, which may or may not suit you. However, you must also understand that it’s not easy to change their mindset. Hence, it’s better to simply nod before them and make an indefinite response such as “That’s Interesting” and carry on with your work.

Choose you Battles

Well, this new phase of your life shall also raise a number of topics wherein you may have different opinions, preferences and beliefs as opposed to your mother in law. However, it’s better to be careful and bring up issues that are worth discussing. Thus, if your mother-in-law insists that you must cover your baby’s head post-delivery as it would keep the newborn warm, then I would suggest you to do the same. It won’t have any negative effect on the little one and your mother-in-law would feel happy and respected too.

Look for New Moms in a Similar Situation

Talking with others or new mothers who’re facing a similar situation back home will provide you with enough strength to face people who don’t understand your point of view.

Be Confident About Yourself

Work on being confident as a person, not just a mom. Motherhood consumes us, and I feel that’s the part that makes it so beautiful. Try to understand your baby’s cues and follow your guts and instincts. In the end, remember that every mom knows what’s best for her baby.

-Neha Sethi Goel

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