Crispy Tasty Rice Pancakes (Pitha)

Quick Recipe

Rice is a staple food for us back in Assam and anything prepared from it becomes a wholesome meal for us. Last Sunday I tried preparing Rice pancakes (we call it chawlo’r pitha) for breakfast. My mother used to prepare it for us as an evening snack and I remember devouring 2 – 3 at a time. It is easy to cook and can be made in a very less time.

I usually bring ground rice from home, so that I do not have to worry about grinding the rice first and then preparing it. Nevertheless, grinding does not entail a tedious process as you just need to soak the rice overnight and grind it in the morning adding a small bowl of water. The ground rice then can be made into a batter. Like in many of our earlier dishes, I can add a healthy tip to this preparation by saying that you can also add small amounts of vegetables (cut in small pieces) to the batter. While I like to have it with pickle or even Tomato sauce, you can try having this crispy pancake with aloo ki sabji or curry. It will taste just awesome.


Ground rice        –              1 cup

Salt as per taste

Oil                           –              2 tbsp

Onion                    –              1 large one (finely chopped)

Green chillies     –              1-2 (finely chopped)

Ajwain                  –              A pinch

Method of preparation

  • Take the ground rice and mix water. Keep stirring to make it a fine batter. Do make the consistency neither too thin nor too thick.
  • Add the salt, chopped onion, chillies and ajwain and mix it well again
  • Heat oil in a pan and try to spread it all over
  • Take a small amount of batter and in a circular shape spread it all over the pan. Cover it with a lid and keep it on medium flame so that it does not get burnt
  • After 2 minutes, flip it to the other side
  • When both the sides get cooked, remove it from the pan slowly
  • Serve it hot. Continue the process with the other pancakes too


– Samrita Baruah

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