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Easy to cook Recipe Crispy Potatoes 2022

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Easy to cook recipe

Call it their Signature Dish or the Dish that they love preparing the most, but every Chef would love talking about it. The dedication and efforts that go into experimenting with different ingredients and then coming up with a special, unique dish surely needs a moment of lauding, but not before you as an admirer try that particular dish at home and see the magic of getting right before you, served on  plate the dish that you have been reading about.


easy to cook crispy potatoes recipe

 Ingredients for easy to cook crispy Potatoes:

Potato                          3pcs (Large one)

Corn flour                    15 gm

Salt                             2-3 pinch

Black pepper crushed    1tsp

Oregano                      1tsp

Oil                               500ml

Ginger paste               1tsp

Garlic paste                 1tsp

Lemon juice                 1tsp

Method for Preparation for crispy potatoes:

First peel the potatoes & cut into wedges
Then blanch the potatoes for 10 mins
Then mix all the above ingredients with the blanch potatoes
Deep fry till it turns golden
Take it out and serve hot.


We at TravelRasoi therefore thought of putting our culinary skills to test and picked up 3 such special Dishes, prepared and shared with us by the featured Chefs and tried preparing them at home. While picking the dishes, we took 3 parameters into consideration – of how easily are the ingredients found, how easy and simple it is to prepare the dish and finally the time taken for the preparation.

Chef Harkhyal of Vanaashrya

Chef Harkhyal was among the first chefs to have been featured on TravelRasoi and his detailed chef life and profession that he shared with us did manage to lighten up our page, much to everyone’s interest. Not to forget about his crispy Potatoes that not only looked tasty, but it tasted equally yummy too. Yes you got it right! We tried the dish by following the directions as were given to us and the outcome was what we had expected it to be – Just Awesome!

If you remember, Chef Harkhyal had asked o take 3 large pieces of potatoes, 15 gm of corn flour, salt and 1 tsp of crushed Black pepper, 1 tsp of oregano, oil, ginger, garlic paste and lemon juice of 1 tsp each. The ingredients are something that are available readily at home and you do not have to look for into the racks of a Super market or ask the salesman to get it for you. We took not even 10 minutes to ready all of them in front of us.

We first peeled the potatoes and cut them into wedges. Next we blanched them for around 10 minutes (Blanching here meant cooking them in water in a lower flame by putting little oil). After that we took all the aforementioned ingredients (spices) and mix them all together with the blanched potatoes. After mixing everything together, we heat oil in a pan and fried them deeply till they turned golden.

It was ready to be served, all hot and crispy. Crispy potatoes would taste good if they are served hot, as its crispiness would not remain if they become cold. We teamed a bowl of Crispy potatoes with a warm coffee and it made for the most part of our evening.


– Samrita Baruah / Anjali Sethi Joshi

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