Cream of Fish with Steamed Herbed Veggies

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Being an Assamese, fish has been a secondary staple in our household. The Omega 3 delicious vitamin is just right for any diet. Well my preferences are more on the boneless and fatty side. This delicacy is just right to eat in any cooked form, sometimes raw too. Well especially when you steam it, it just absorbs the aroma and the taste will take away all your thoughts. Today’s dish is a steamed variation of the basa fish. Enjoy!

Ingredients :

Boneless basa fish – 4 pcs
Oregano – 1/2 tsp
Garlic – 5 cloves crushed
Basil –  8-10 leaves
Refine oil – 2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Pepper for seasoning

Broccoli – 5-6 stems
Mushroom – 5-6
Carrot – 1 sliced in a round shape
Salt to taste
Milk Cream – 1 cup


Take the pieces of fish and marinate with 1 tsp of oil, a pinch of garlic, salt, pepper, 4 Basil leaves and a pinch of dried oregano. Now place the fish and the marinade in a foil and wrap it. Now put the foil in a pan that fits the steamer. In the same pan put all the veggies, mix in rock salt, pepper and oil. Sprinkle some garlic and red chilli flakes. Now steam it for 10 mins. In a pan, heat the remaining oil and add the leftover garlic. As it sizzles, pour the cream in the pan. Mix salt and a tsp of sugar. Unwrap the fish from the foil and transfer the content to the pan. Gently mix it, now add the steamed vegetables in it. Keep the heat low and fold the veggies in the mix. Add salt and pepper if needed. Let it simmer for 10 mins. Switch off the gas and let it rest for another 10 mins and serve.

– EB

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