Coconuty egg salad with butter sandwich

Testy Coconuty Eggelacious Salad with Butter Sandwich Recipe 2022

Quick Recipe

Eggs are wonderful. They are my savior for all occasions. They blend in with anything and everything, that whenever I am running out of time they are my first option. And my fridge never runs of that core necessity. So, the other day, after a long tiring day at office, I wasn’t really in the mood to play kitchen for long.

A quick meal was all I was looking for. So, I had in mind that I will simply butter some bread and be done with my dinner. Well my eyes weren’t satisfied at all, and the next I was quickly getting this yummy salad (don’t go by the word) ready. And lo and behold, I had this awesome creamy delight ready with a quick toasted butter sandwich. Enjoy it at any time, and the best part, it is a real easy and quick fix that doesn’t compromise on the taste.

Snow Butter Sandwich

2 tsp butter
Four slices of bread
Powdered sugar 1 tsp + to sprinkle

Butter the slices, sprinkle the 1 tsp sugar and place one slice on the other with the buttered side down. Now sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Your snow sandwich is ready.

Egg salad

4 boiled eggs – mashed
1 tsp English Mustard
2 tbsp coconut cream
Cheddar cheese – crumble – 1 tbsp
Half of a small onion – finely chopped
2 chillies finely chopped (if you are not a chilly person, it’s okay not to use it)
Chinese cabbage – 2 leaves – one leaf finely chopped (the other one I used for garnish)
Pepper to season
Pink Rock salt to season
Tomato – half of a medium – finely chopped

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients and season it well. Now serve that quick and delicious salad. You can even keep as a party salad, your guests will love it.

edd salad with butter sandwich

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