Climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – All about an adventure journey


Beautiful Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

I have always loved the idea of trekking. It keeps me physically fit and mentally rejuvenated. If you feel the same, then I’ am sure you would like to hear all about my trip to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Climbing  Mount Kilimanjaro

A trip to Africa is incomplete without visiting Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Tanzania is a beautiful country with plenty of surprises in store for you. The people, culture, food, and of course, Mount Kilimanjaro that is also called “the roof of Africa.”

It stands majestically at the height of 5,895 meters above sea level. I went along with my friends for a week in Tanzania. It was fun. Don’t you want to hear about it?

Perhaps, you may be tempted to travel next time to Tanzania.

The geology and weather

Tanzania is a tropical region. But, since we are traveling to Mount Kilimanjaro, you will want to know that it is quite cold up there. As we read, it stands more than 5000 feet above the ground. There are 3 dormant volcanic cones, namely, Mawenzi, Kibo, and Shira.

They erupted more than a million years ago. As you climb up, you can feel the strong winds that are commonly found in mountainous regions.

It rains in Tanzania during the months of March and May. Hence, it would help if you plan your climbing expedition from January to April or after June. The climate is more or less the same throughout the year.

What are the restrictions for climbing?

Well, just about anybody can climb up as long they feel fit and energetic. However, you can decide to come down anytime you feel uncomfortable or become sick. There will be a local guide assisting you.

To climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, you need to book your vacation through the tour operators and then book your flight. They provide your accommodation and food.

Have some exotic shooting spots

For those of you who feel that mount Kilimanjaro is only about trekking and climbing, then you may be surprised to know, bushlands are there. These bushlands offer you with ideal viewing spots for game shooting with your camera.

If you like clicking photos, then you will prefer being there. Many wildlife species belong to the Kilimanjaro National Park. It consists of an area that spans more than 1,688 square km.

Some of the precautions you might want to take

As exciting as it may seem, there are precautions that you might want to take. The height and climate are not ideal at times for climbing or trekking.  The slopes are steep and other minor health issues that you can face, if not careful.

However, thanks to the strict safety measures taken by travel operators, tourists are educated on the importance of proper waste management. Not to mention, tour guides can help you out if you face problems.

View from the top of Kilimanjaro

Was it worth the climb up? You bet. We have never seen such a sight in our lives. The Uhuru peak offers you just about all the elements. You can see everything below. To add to the mellow drama are birds, animals, and clouds.

Though the journey to the top is quite tough and exhausting, it is definitely worth your time and effort. The scenery rewards you once you climb on the top. The route that you take does not matter, because it is an adventure itself.

On the whole

I really enjoyed my small trip to Tanzania, especially the thrills and spills that Mount Kilimanjaro had to offer to us. Of course, we plan to visit again next year. However, I would highly recommend the services of a local tour guide, if you have not visited before.

They not only help you find your way around quickly. But have exciting tales about the mountain and the country, to keep you entertained along the journey.


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