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Chef Akshat Parihar

Corporate Chef Akshat Parihar is a culinary artist and entrepreneur who exhibits genuine love for bringing cuisines from different parts of the world together in perfect harmony.

Akshat’s visual displays using an array of astonishing food ingredients and components have earned him admiration as one of the most skilled practitioners in ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ today. Parihar is difficult to match when it comes to creating awe-inspiring works of edible art that set new standards for chefs globally.

Being well-versed in more than 18 cuisines, Akshat Parihar has collaborated with food management companies like ICD (International to Develop) “molecular gastronomy” cuisine. Many of his collaborations have been with leading food management companies and top-notch restaurants, including BLAC (Saudi Arabia), Malamu (Central Africa), ETCH Café (UAE), and 41dw Grill (Qatar).

akshat parihar

What has your culinary journey been like?

My love for cooking started during my childhood days, often watching television late at night and sneaking into the kitchen to experiment with whatever ingredients were available. It didn’t always go well, but instead of feeling daunted, I focused on making things better including, furthering my knowledge by learning how to make it professionally.

I started my professional journey at The Oberoi’s, where I learned to make the most of every opportunity that came my way. Those early years in the kitchen have provided me with a wealth of knowledge that sustains me in even my most challenging situations. Since then, I’ve traveled around 15 countries across the globe, honing my skills and developing an appetite for new cuisines. 

Tell us about your relationship with food and cuisines.

I have a connection with different cuisines because of my culinary travels. Since I dabble in different cuisine projects globally, I pick up on flavors from every culture. This has helped me improve my style and master more than 18 new cuisines.

However, no matter how far my travels take me away from India, the country will always remain closest to my heart. Also, no matter where or when I choose to call home for a while – the food here will continue to influence what I create in the future.

How would you describe your Signature Dish?

As I work with different cuisines and countries, I create signature recipes in every country I travel to, so naming one would be difficult. Yet one of my favorite signature dishes I designed was: aged tuna served on the bed of roasted chipotle mousse crowned with bitter caramel tuile and beluga caviar.

What promises does the gourmet foods cape hold in India?

Keeping the root flavors, and promoting & innovating them while maintaining authenticity.

So how do you see the hotel and food industry transforming post Covid? What suggestions do you have?

Food and travel will never cease to be in demand. Sooner or later, it will be back to the way it was, but the best module by then that will help it survive is the Cloud Kitchen concept. You can safely get your food prepared and packed with proper hygiene with less human contact and delivered to your doorstep.

Have you managed to retain your roots and essence?

Yes, I always keep my roots in mind. I design together with my team to keep the authentic flavors of my culture alive. We integrate new designs so that the original elements are still there and youth can remember the origin of different cuisines and cultures as well as how it has evolved to this day.

What are your plans for the forward? How do you plan to create value in the industry?

My goal is to add more countries to my travel list, keep choosing new flavors from different cuisines, explore them by mixing and matching, and bring the best of each culture to those who want to know more.

What are the life lessons in your journey?

My life and career have taught me that obstacles will occur, but one should never give up. I firmly believe that no one can stop you from achieving what you deserve.

Rapid Fire 

●       Favorite celebrity chef: Gordon Ramsey

●       Favorite Indian dessert: Ras Malai

●       What do you do when you are not cooking?  Thinking about food and creating recipes

●       Favorite ‘Ghar ka khana’? Anything cooked by my mum.

●       Describe your culinary style in three words: Creativity, uniqueness, balanced

●       Favorite Cuisine: French

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