How to Channel Energy to Achieve Holistic Growth?

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Channel Energy and Achieve Holistic Growth

The universe is rapidly evolving before our eyes, drawing along with it many mysterious and ambiguities. In the shuffle of all the social distancing and quarantining, proportioning and sterilising and an uncontrolled news cycle, it’s obvious to get caught up in anxiety and fear. Holistic development is a practical way to a complete learning system where the social, physical, emotional, mind and spiritual growth is taken care. This form of education not only concentrates on learning but also on executing what is learnt.

channel energy to achieve

To be able to use energy and channel it the way we want, we have to understand and know a fundamental principle that says; “Where the mind goes energy follows “

Here are some ideas to channel your energy to achieve your holistic growth .


Meditation has many objectives: past life experience, mental purity, healing, and relaxation. At times when outside noises appear even louder than usual, a meditation practice is essential. Harmonising the external world for even just twenty minutes will help to soothe your mind and keep you arrayed.

Identify Your Strength

Concentrate on how resilient you are and remember how flexible we are as a species.⁠ If you have made it through challenging times before, then you can do it again. With luck, we’ll rise from this period with a newfound sense of precision around what’s truly essential.

Detach From Fear Causes⁠

It is essential to stay notified, but 24/7 hours of news information around the world will only stoke useless anxiety and panic within you. Similarly, with continuous going through social media consuming negativity and slander. Instead, one should solicit positive, reliable, trusted and accurate sources.⁠⠀

Escape Efficiently⁠

Keep moving towards your dream in whatever small ways you can. Things may be on clasp right now, but attempting to do is what is essential right now.

Endeavour happiness

Surround yourself with fullness, whether it’s reading books that inspires you, engrossed into research on a subject that you’re eager to know or lingering in connection with the people that gives you energy.

Connect With Others

With social distancing in effect, shift to online connections. Facetime, Zoom or Skype, your near and loved ones, tell them how much you care and display that while you may be physically separated, you are still fully there for them. Focus more on heart talk and spread positive thoughts during these challenging times.

Brighten your Aura⁠

Make sure you’re paving the world and looking for positivity in every situation. Share positivity on social media, call or text a friend or loved one and send positivity out into the world. You’ve been acquiring these tools for a while — now is the opportunity to put them in use.

Channelling energy to achieve holistic growth includes consciously changing your mind and mental space to accomplish an inflated state of consciousness. Channelers usually meditate, to achieve this heightened state of consciousness, trying to break free of earthly forces and attune into larger consciousness.

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