Hyperactive Child

7 Ideas for Soothing Your Hyperactive Child

Is your child hyperactive? Almost every other mother would respond in affirmative. Kids are always adventurous and full of energy, which keeps them on their toes throughout the day.   I too am blessed with an active child who keeps running, bouncing, jumping, wiggling and making all sorts of noises throughout the day. As a result, I […]

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Bollywood Hairstyles from 1940 to Now

Hair Trends for Women: Then and Now

Bangs, tousled hair, buns, locks, long lushes, there’s simply no dearth of hairstyles today. In fact, Indian women, irrespective of their age, are donning different hairstyles on different occasions these days. Until a couple of decades ago, fashionable and funky hairstyles were meant only for the Bollywood actresses and high society women in India. However, […]

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Women Fashion in India

How Women’s Fashion Has Evolved in India?

Walk into any party social gathering or simply out on the streets today and you’ll notice people moving around in attires that are in vogue, trendy and stunning in every sense. Today, fashion is no longer about looking your best. Instead, we use fashionable outfits, jewellery and accessories to create our very own style statement. […]

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Breastfeeding Vs Formula Milk

Breastfeeding Vs Formula Milk-Is it a Matter of Choice or Guilt?

From the time mothers give birth to their babies, they’re faced with one of the biggest question i.e. whether to breastfeed or offer formula milk to their newborns. People start offering all sorts of advice and even those who have never raised a child before tend to come up with their own suggestions and perspective. […]

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