Holi Safety for Kids

How to Keep Your Kids Safe During Holi?

The festival of colors, Holi is almost here and everyone including children and adults are gearing up to celebrate the occasion in their own ways. Aside to playing with vibrant colors & pichkaris and enjoying the tasty gujiyas, kheer, sweets and the mouth-watering dahi-bhalle (also known as dahi-vada), it is important that we ensure that […]

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Mothers today and then

Mothers today and then-Have Things Really Changed?

Motherhood is a blessing, but is accompanied by several other challenges that often leave mothers craving for some ‘Me time’ or ‘Personal Space’ and most importantly ‘Peace of mind’. I am sure you must have come across several other women who share similar sentiments. Like you, they need to be at the beck and call […]

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

When Life is in Pieces! How to Deal with a Narcissistic Partner?

Quite often in our lives, we end up in a marital relationship that we never really wanted or dreamt of being in. That single move leads to an endless saga of compromises, overreactions, mental trauma, physical abuse and frustrations that leaves us shattered and confused further. This happens particularly with couples where one partner demands […]

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Third Trimester Pregnancy

Third Trimester Symptoms and Precautions during Pregnancy

Every woman has her own experiences of becoming a mother that make their journey unique and special. The third trimester symptoms usually occur from the 29th week and continue till the 40th week until delivery. The most common symptoms during this period include discomfort in movement and anxiety, which eventually results in a wonderful journey […]

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