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Ande ki Bhurji

It often happens with us when we are in no mood to cook after a long at work. The easiest thing that comes to mind is Bhurji. Today we are talking about Egg Bhurji, which is a favourite in dinner, especially during winters or even in Breakfast. Nothing can beat the combination of bread with …

chesse dosa
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Cheesed Up Dosa Crepes

South Indian – Dosa While originally Dosa was made out of rice powder and black lentils, today this South Indian delicacy is available in various types and flavors. This fermented crepe is made in different forms in different households, be it of ragi or rawa, or be it a fluffy set dosa or a crispy …

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Vegetable Masala Poha

Kanda Poha as it is known in Maharashtra is a popular breakfast recipe there. It is easy to make and can be prepared in very less time. The Maharashtrian poha is made either with kanda (onion) or batata (potato) or both. While I tried retaining the original taste of this poha, I also made my …

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Punjabi Tadka Macaroni

As the name of the dish suggests, we tried giving an authentic Punjabi taste by making a few modifications to the original style of cooking and using ingredients found in Indian dishes. We tried to keep it as simple as possible for you to try at home. You are at liberty of adding other vegetables …

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Rai Curd Sandwich

An easy-to-prepare, mouth-watering dish, Rai Curd Sandwich can either work as a quick breakfast recipe or as a snack for the guests who come visiting in the evening. Prepared with easily available ingredients at home, you can make your own enhancements to it by adding more vegetables. The preparation time is short, which is the …