Digital Media & Traditional Media

Has Digital Media Overtaken the Traditional Media?

Has digital media really overtaken its traditional counterpart? Or is the traditional media still very much in the game? Well, to find out how both the digital media and traditional media channels are performing in the market, one needs to take several factors into account such as the amount of time being spent in using […]

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Lenovo Legion Y740

Why is Lenovo Legion Y740 Making Waves in the Laptop Community?

The Lenovo Legion Y740 comes with stealthy looks and excellent performance. Can it make an impact on the laptop industry? Before moving on to that, we like to mention that Intel has come out with 2 10th generation CPU. These 2 are lined up for next year and may cause a lot of confusion in […]

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smartphone brands

Smartphone Brands that are Ruling the Indian Market in 2019

The global smartphone market is slowing down with a drop of 6.1% YoY in Q1 2019 but not India. The Indian smartphone market is on the rise with a 7.1% increment, which saw more than 30 million shipments in the first quarter alone. This stat speaks for itself; Big smartphone makers company are vying to […]

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Hong Kong Tourism Board

DANE CHENG Appointed as the New Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board

The Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) Dr Pang Yiu-Kai has announced that Dane Cheng will assume position as the Executive Director of the Board from the 1st of November, 2019. The announcement was made on the 30th of October, 2019 and with this the board has welcomed its new executive director. Speaking […]

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India organize the biggest election

How does India organize the biggest election in the world?

The May of this year was a big event for everyone in the world. As the world biggest democracy conducted its nation-wide election. More than 900 million people were eligible for voting, and estimates show 67% of them turned up on their respective voting day. Strangely enough, it went through like a hot knife through […]

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technology shaping the Indian IT

Top 10 technology shaping the Indian IT market

The market doesn’t stop for anyone or anything. It keeps moving and evolving. With technology advancing at a rapid phase, new trends appear each week. However, only a handful of these technologies are able to make an impact on the market. Normally, such lists are always dominated by the same technology for the past few […]

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