singapore tourism

Singapore Tourism Board to Organize Singapore Weekender Festival in Mumbai from 17-19th November

In their bid to popularize their recently unveiled “Passion Made Possible” unified brand, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) will be organizing a three day festival as part of their promotional activities in India. The event scheduled to be organized from 17-19th of November, 2017 will showcase the Lion City’s self-made and brightest talents from the […]

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Gadgets 2018

New Smartwatches, Smartphones, Laptops to look out for in 2018!

All of us have our favorite gadgets and many of us are completely dependent on them for managing our daily lives and routine. For instance, some people love their smartphones and need them by their side 24×7 and others can’t seem to get over their laptops simply because they bank on it for entertainment, work […]

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mobile brands celebrities

Mobile Brands and their Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

Celebrity brand endorsement never goes out of vogue, primarily because people are easily attracted to glamour and many even follow their favorite movie and sports stars religiously. Thus, popular celebrities impact the lives of common people way more than anything else. In fact, brands today realize that hiring a celebrity provides them with the much […]

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iPhoneX and Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Apple iPhone 10 – Where is the Smartphone Industry Heading Next?

After the recent launch of Apple’s iPhone 10 and Samsung’s Galaxy S8, a lot is being said and written about both the devices that are packed with some of the most promising and powerful features and specifications. However, amidst the hullabaloo about the devices, one thing is quite evident that both the smartphone giants have […]

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India Moblie Congres 2017

India Mobile Congress to debut in India between September 27 – 29 in New Delhi

India Mobile Congress (IMC), the biggest international-level event in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is coming to India for the first time.  IMC – 2017, which will commence on September 27 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi will be a three-day event that will be supported by Department of Telecom (DoT), Ministry of […]

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Power Bank

What Features you must look for before buying a Power Bank?

Power Bank Imagine this scenario – you are on a conference call with your bosses, away from your office and suddenly your smartphone indicates that it’s running out of battery. You begin a frantic search for the charger, only to realize that there’s no charging point nearby. Next, you know that your smartphone has shut […]

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Why a Tablet should be part of your travel checklist?

Travelling is not only about exploring exotic food and locations. It is also about enriching your life with experiences and moments that otherwise cannot be experienced as part of the mundane or routine life. As an avid traveler, I too have an unending passion for exploring vivid cultures, food, places and so much more. Hence, […]

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