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Every visitor in the world looks forward to the arrival of spring. Winter is a cherished season in a
reasonably warm nation like India. Tourists want to appreciate the beauty of spring as much as they
can after the long winter and before the severe summer. From March through June, the new spring
season arrives in India, with gorgeous blossoms on every plant and a pure blue sky over every head.
Here’s a list of best Indian destinations to visit in India during the spring season:

Gulmarg and Sonmarg (Kashmir)
Despite its disputes and problems, it is still one of the most magnificent spots in the country
to visit.   Generally, the only other period when scenic beauty is at its greatest and there are
fewer visitors is March-May, when spring arrives. Locations such as Gulmarg and Sonmarg
have excellent temperatures and, unlike in the summertime, the possibility of snowfall is
quite less.

Wayanad (Kalpetta, Kerala)
Wayanad is aomg the less populous districts of Kerala. This is a beautiful sanctuary for
nature enthusiasts who want to enjoy spring in the best way possible. Wayanad is bordered
by streams, lush flora, and mountains, making it an ideal location for trekking. Chembra
Mountain, the tallest peak and among the most difficult treks, is well-known among spring
break visitors. People may also go bird viewing at the Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary of
Brahmagiri forest. Peaceful atmosphere, gorgeous sceneries, and blossoming flowers draw a
huge number of people to Wayanad in the spring.

Kasol (Himachal Pradesh)
Visiting Kasol in the winter is not a smart idea because temperatures may dip below 10
degrees, keeping you cooped up by your heater instead of having fun outside. However, if
you go in the summer, you could miss the point of visiting there. The best time to organise a
trip to Kasol is always between the spring months of March to June, when the weather stays
comfortable around 15-20 degrees and offers spectacular grandeur of the area. 

Darjeeling (West Bengal)
Darjeeling, in West Bengal, is yet another place to cool down in spring after the harsh the
summers. This lovely hill station welcomes visitors in practically every season, but spring is
especially lovely. Darjeeling has it all: a valley filled with rhododendron blooms, a beautiful
blue sky, and jaw-dropping vistas of snow-capped Kanchenjunga. To withstand this area, the
temperature rises to a comfortable level, and you may have a pleasant journey on toy trains
going around town with a drink of tea.

Ooty (Tamil Nadu)
Ooty, Tamil Nadu’s most popular hill station, has grown a little overly marketed in recent
times, but it still holds the title of the state’s most attractive spring destination. The town
and its surrounds are most lovely in the months of March- April, when it is most renowned
for its handcrafted candies and magnificent flower beds. During these months, a vacation to
the Botanical Gardens in Ooty, one of the oldest in India, is a breathtaking experience that
highlights nature’s magnificent splendour. And just outside of city is another famous
location, Coonoor, which is known for its tea estates and is well worth visiting.

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