Amazon Kindle E-Reader

All about Amazon Kindle

The days when the people went to the store to buy the books changed to people ordering the books online. But then, even those days have gone. People have stopped ordering these books. The hard copies are having many disadvantages which the E-books have covered for them. They have a really new approach and the […]

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Best Gaming Headsets

The Best PC Gaming Headsets for Gamers

Gaming had caught the fancy of a growing number of individuals in India. According to a recent report, the gaming market in India is expected to record a threefold increase from $338.4 million expected in 2017. While, the internet would be the primary reason behind increased gaming penetration, enhanced digital payment options and local gaming […]

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Sewaiyaan Kheer

Special Sewaiyaan Kheer!!

Sewaiyaan Kheer is a traditional popular Indian dessert. It is easy and quick to make and also liked by everyone. Sewaiyaan looks like a thin spaghetti but are made with different ingredients. Making vermicelli kheer does not take much time, and so I try to suggest this to everyone. Even when unexpected guests arrive at […]

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