Chef Akshat Parihar

Chef Akshat Parihar-Blending Global Cuisines in Perfect Harmony

Corporate Chef Akshat Parihar is a culinary artist and entrepreneur who exhibits genuine love for bringing cuisines from different parts of the world together in perfect harmony. His visual displays using an array of astonishing food ingredients and components have earned him admiration as one of the most skilled practitioners in ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ today. Parihar […]

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Hotels in Delhi

Top Hotels in Delhi Offering Staycation Packages for a Weekend Getaway

Everyone loves travelling, but they tend to avoid it because of all the planning and costs. Therefore nowadays people are interested in having within-city vacations. Planning a vacation in your city will not cost a fortune and will require no plans. Hotels are offering staycation packages for those interested in having vacations without leaving the […]

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technologies increases during the crisis


Technology plays the most vital role in everyone’s life. Truly, one cannot imagine a life without being in touch with any kind of technology. Everyone is so dependent on one or the other technology for their day to day personal or professional works. SO, HOW TECHNOLOGY PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE DURING CRISIS? During the crisis […]

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Packing Luggage during Epidemics

Guidebook For Packing Your Luggage After An Epidemic Has Settled

Epidemics are not typical and can bring up state emergencies. Well, over the years, we have experienced such novel pandemics, which have caused thousands of deaths and panic among people. During these tough times, there are various items that we need to have while traveling or staying back home. When a state is under emergency, […]

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Times Of An Epidemic

How to Travel With Caution in Times of An Epidemic

Who knew that your most important business trip or your most desired vacation abroad would transform into the most horrifying nightmare?  Go ahead!  You can give all the credit to the recent epidemic that has occurred around the globe.  Initially, everybody including you did not give too much significance to this illness.  You thought that […]

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Online Education

Facts And Figures of Online Education in Developed and Developing Countries

The official data 2012 Department of Education’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System survey shows that 2.6 million U.S. students enrolled themselves in online classes. The influence of online education in developed countries is so much so that 66.66% of students say that they would not have pursued a degree program in its absence. Watching the […]

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Online Conferencing

Viability of Online Conferencing Forums to Augment Education in Countries-A Comprehensive Analysis

Technological advancement is the key to modernization of life. It has penetrated in every sphere of your life irrespective of age and gender. One such field where technology is predominant is education. It is not as if the technical assistance was absent in the field of education. Smartboard, computerized teaching, and audio-visual aids have always […]

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