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Amar Colony market – A pit stop for chaat-lovers in Delhi

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Amar Colony market – Delhi

A quintessential Delhiite can eat right from a dhaba to a posh restaurant. For him, the tiniest of lanes sandwiched between the narrowest of roads are not a problem as long as the food is worth it. We in Delhi love to travel and we can go to any farthest end to EAT! Basically, we are all gluttons hiding behind those aviators. And for the sake of this foodie in us, I explored a place in south Delhi called “Amar Colony”, which is a paradise for food crazy people like us.

Amar Colony market is located in Lajpat Nagar IV and was largely considered a suit market. But with time, it has emerged as a market where you can find a mind-boggling variety of cuisines within a range of say 100 meters. This market has eateries in all possible corners your eyes can see. Right from cholle bhature, to idli sambar, from tandoori momos to chaat, you can find almost all kinds of street foods here.

But I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that the market is the most popular for its chaat. The lane right opposite to “Depaul’s Coffee” is where you can find this ages-old chaat wala. The chaat items range from bhalla papdi, aalu tikki, gol-gappe, samosa chaat, gol-gappa chaat and the list goes on. What amazes me is that you start feeling hungry as soon as you enter the food lane of this market. The choices are overwhelming and your senses work at double their speed. Ultimately, you end up confused about what to eat and what to skip.

idli sambar amar colony market

Another hot favourite in this market is “tandoori momos”. Served with 2 dips—mayonnaise and the regular red sauce, these make for a meal rather than a snack because of the large portion size. Find them in the lane opposite to “Depauls Coffee”. There are over 3 shops selling these.

tandoori momos

Just in case you are one of those “hygiene conscious” people, the market is also home to some budding restaurants and bars. But wait! Do not expect a “Khan Market” or a “Haus Khas village” kinda feel here. You won’t find any happening pubs playing loud music. But with the growing popularity I won’t be surprised if this market becomes another “cyber city” very soon. Needless to say, car parking is a hassle even here, like most Delhi markets.

This place comes alive after 6 pm in the evening with all the local people (mainly teenagers) hovering around the tiny cafes and food joints. To beat the heat, hunt down the famous “kulfi wala bhaiya” in the heart of the market for amazing “faluda kulfi”. Mouth watering already? Hold on! You won’t find him during the day, he starts selling only after sunset. But trust me, the wait would be worth it when you see yourself licking off the last drop of melted kulfi on your plate. It is actually that yum! So, an ideal time to visit the market is during the evening.

faluda kulfi

You need a parlour in the vicinity? There are over 15 that I know of. No kidding! Seriously! Not just for hair and make-up, for tattoos and nail art too. Need some groceries? Check! Medicines? Check! Footwear? Check! Flee items? Check check check! You could also buy gifts, flowers, cosmetics, kitchen supplies  – ALL in the Amar Colony market. So, go ahead and explore.

How to reach? Moolchand metro station is your landmark. Hop on a rickshaw and get ready to hog!


Meenakshi Besoya

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2 thoughts on “Amar Colony market – A pit stop for chaat-lovers in Delhi

  1. Localised affairs. Explore a street food joint where people from all over Delhi and NCR would love to come and enjoy foods and chats like Bengali Market or CR park.

    1. Hi SS De, in your question itself lies the answer. What is the point telling people about places they already know of? This is a market just like any other market but very underrated. Why not tell people about this than bragging about places that have already been explored by almost everyone?

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