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The days when the people went to the store to buy the books changed to people ordering the books online. But then, even those days have gone. People have stopped ordering these books. The hard copies are having many disadvantages which the E-books have covered for them. They have a really new approach and the people are seeing to it that they make the fullest advantage of it. There is a new application which has come up and has become popular in no time. This is the Amazon Kindle and every book lover is using it. There are many advantages of this particular app. It provides the people with different genres of reading and organizes their books in a proper manner. You just have to surf among the ocean of the books and pay for that particular book as such, you can also get discount during amazon black friday sale.

Amazon Kindle

Here are few of the different ways of organizing the books which the people have found to be really interesting:

  1. Based on the genre of reading
    There are many genres of reading. Each one would like a particular genre and hate another one. There are people who like romance while there are other people who like science fiction novels. Amazon Kindle has seen to it that it is going to make different sections in books based on the genres. There is science fiction, romance, Mythology, Personality development and many more. It is going to sort out the books in these genres and display it for the people. The people can choose their favorite genres and read books from that genre itself. This way, there is no confusion between the books and the readers will not have to look for books for their genre. This way of organizing the books is pretty much time saving and advantageous for the people.
  2. Based on the best-selling book
    This is very useful for new readers. They will not have proper knowledge about the genres of reading and they do not even know the names of the author. They will just have the enthusiasm to read. For such kind of people, these best- selling books are a good start. These are practically what was sold out more which means that the people have read it more. When the people have read it more, it means that the book was good and the beginners will not have to face the trouble of reading bad stories. This way, the people will have a good start and they can see that they eventually develop their interest towards something. The readers will have the confidence that books are good!
  3. Based on the author
    This is for people who have read a lot of books. They are pretty much familiar with the authors of the books and the kind of stories that they write. For instance, Dan Brown is known to be the father of Science Fiction. His stories are known for suspense, twists and surprise endings. Whereas, Chetan Bhagat has carved a niche for himself in the field of romance. This way, when you like a particular author, you might want to read his books over and over again. This way, the readers also prefer a category where the books are classified on the basis of their author. It is not only easy for you to search but also easy for you to read whatever you like as such.
  4. The new books
    This section is useful for all kinds of people. It is not just the readers are reading continuously. They should know about the market and what are the books that have been coming up in the market as such. For people who love a particular author’s books or for someone who likes a particular genre, they would want to read these books and then see that they are keeping them updated. The release of the new books is not published in a proper manner. For instance, the people will not find it in the newspapers and all. They will have to look for these things on the internet that too after a lot of surfing. This is going to be a waste of time and the people will have no proper updates. Therefore including the section which the people need is one of the best parts that Amazon Kindle has done.
  5. Your library
    There might be few books which you might have saved to read as such. Looking for these books over and over again in the search bar is a waste of time. Instead of all this, if you have your own library where you can store all your wanted books, it would be great. The Amazon Kindle thought about just this and they have started a library where the people can view all their books. Once the readers have paid for the books, they can also see that they are going to download their books. This way, they will be able to read these books when there is no internet connection also. The downloaded books and the library are going to stay as they are even if the app is uninstalled. Once you install it back with your login ID and passcode, you will have all your data again. The downloaded books and the library is back again.

Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader

The people have been having a great time with these E-books. There were many disadvantages that they faced with the hard copies of the books. Now, they do not even have to carry the books with them. They have their books on their phone itself and they can read it whenever they want. There are even many offers on the app where you can buy the books at a lesser cost. That cannot happen in the case of hard copies as they always have the fixed prices. Reading is much simpler and easier and the people have a better chance where they can access all their books. They will be able to read whatever they want.


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