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How AI is contributing to Smart Home Automation

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Among the many expectations that people have from technology, comfort stands at the top of everyone’s priority. With the rapid advancement in technology, especially AI, you can expect a lot of changes in the way you live in your home.

The Dawn of AI in Smart Home Automation

Nowadays, people are addicted to their smartphones, and tech companies are making their electronic devices accessible by smartphones. But to juggle through different apps to operate your TV, AC, oven, etc. isn’t comforting.

However, gadgets like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home do connects different devices using the Internet of things (IoT) by voice command. These are called Connected home but AI driven. Home is called Smart Homes.

Smart Home Automation

Imagine you are coming home from a rough day at the office. You are a mile away from home, the house AI detects your arrival. This starts a series of event, starting with switching your AC from energy saving mode to your preferred temperature, unlock your doors as you enter the house, turn on your lights, play your favorite music or your favorite show on TV and start surf you a glass of water.

Unbelievable right! But this is what the future hold in AI-driven homes. Your home would be run by a centralized system much like JARVIS and will take of your home like cleaning, driving away thieves and remind you of no pepper in your home.

You will be able to control the AI with your voice, and this is the some convenient an automatic house can become. This would be very beneficial for an aged and differently abled person who finds it difficult operating all the devices. Hence, Major tech companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon are investing AI and its various applications.

Now, I know screaming your command out is not always a good option especially when your 3-year-old has just gone to sleep. Hence, AI experts suggest that a text would be a very good alternative to communicate with the house system.

Your Smart House will do a lot for you except for providing convenience. In fact, your SMART HOME will take care of home security and energy efficiency as well.

Energy Efficiency

Saving energy is essential for not just your pockets but also for a better future. Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to energy efficiency due to the changing climate globally.

All of us check how energy efficient a device is before buying it. But many times these devices drain energy when not in use. It is very common and is known as  “Vampire Energy”. However, an AI-Smart Home can reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprint by controlling smart plugs, thermostats, and automatic light sensors.

So, if you forgot to turn off a fan or kids went to play outside without switching the AC off, your home system will take care of it.

Home Security

This feature of AI will be a self-learning algorithm so it will get better with time. Your Smart House will remember the faces that have visited your home and even identify faces from your social media through photos of your friends. AI facial recognition is far superior to any other and works with 98% accuracy.

This will help the AI system have a catalog of your known people, and it can distinguish between family, friends, and visitors via your social media. This will reduce the chance of false alarm in your SMART HOME.

Apart from these, the house will have sensors, security cameras which can identify a potential and call for emergency effectively making your SMART HOME Safe using AI.

These AI Smart Houses will definitely offer peace of mind to the owner and take care of all the work in the house, but it will cost a lot initially as of now. But with time, we will see everyone owning an AI smart home in the future.


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