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Health Bands

Tracking our daily activities is unfathomable in this fast-paced life. The hardest part is sticking to a diet and exercise plan. Also, it’s quite difficult to stay away from those industrial boxes of Pizzas. Given, the fact that keeping an eye on your workout goals and nutrition can be quite challenging, companies have tried to capitalize on the growing wearable market by selling Health Bands. You can take your health band anywhere and wear it on your wrist. These are very versatile, multi-purpose devices that do everything from keeping track of what you are doing and the amount off Fat you have burned off.

Recently there are some health bands that even monitor your sleep pattern and suggest healthy remedies.

Health Bands

What is a Health Band?

A health band is also known as a fitness tracker. It is a device which monitors fitness-related metrics such as calorie consumption, distance walked or ran and in some cases the quality of sleep and heartbeat. Inside your fitness tracker, you will find tons of components, some of which are commonly found in smartphones such as accelerometers and allow the tracker to tell the number of steps you may have taken throughout the day. It has GPS to track distances but unlike your smartphones some fitness trackers come with more advanced motion sensors. These are not only accurate but can use positional data to determine exactly what exercise you are doing. That way it can remember which one you have done and track your workouts automatically.

Wearable Sensors

Wearable sensors have been extensively used in sports, medical sciences,and security. It can detect abnormal and unforeseen situations and monitor physiological parameters and symptoms through these trackers. Like the movements of the wrist can determine your sleep pattern.This technology is now popularly used in healthcare by allowing constant monitoring of patients without hospitalization. Medical monitoring of patients’ body temperature, heart rate, brain activity, muscle motion and other critical data can be carried out through these trackers. In sports training, these wearable sensors are of great demand. For example, measurement of perspiration rate was possible only in laboratory-based systems a few years ago, but is now possible using wearable sensors.


Activity tracker is a lot of beans like your smartphone. It also has some specially made hardware that will not be on your phone. There are certain movements of the user which can distort the results obtained from the activities such as working in the household, cycling, swimming, dancing, or rowing. Moreover, the determined values for human energy transformation were erroneous. With the higher heart rate deviations, it is recommended to use chest straps rather than wearing it on wrists.

Medical Uses

Health Bands are highly recommended for those who are overweight or obese, as it will help them to set appropriate goals to shed off extra body fat.

As far as heart rate tracking is concerned, it varies from person to person. This is powerful enough to light up your capillaries. Those are the light blood vessels close to the skin’s surface and figure out how much blood is flowing based on how much light is reflected back. Higher end models even measure your skin’s electrical impedance which fluctuates based on how fast your heart beats. This is the same tech used for heart rate monitors on gym treadmills as well as those electronic fat percentage meters. It is incomprehensible if these devices affect the number of physical activity children engage in.

Remember a fitness tracker isn’t some kind of a pill. It’s a device that helps us to track our movements and body limitations. Don’t take its words as law as there is far more going on in our body than what they can measure.


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