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7 Best fast food snacks to try while traveling to Delhi

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Fast Food Snacks in Delhi

Delhi, the historical capital, is a foodie’s heaven. From street food to exotic cuisines, Delhi, or ‘Dilli,’ can blow your mind in every direction. You can partake in standard (read: dull and tasteless) wine and dine, or you could let your mojo run wild and consume the mouth-watering delights of Delhi’s street food.

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Here, we have compiled an exclusive list of the finest and greatest street food in Delhi that is bound to tease your taste buds. If you haven’t tasted 5 to 10 of Delhi’s famed street foods, your experience has been lacking. Have fun with our comprehensive Delhi street food guide.

Chole Bhature: All Time Favourite

Trust me when I say that the best chole bhature can only be found in Delhi. The extra care used in making fluffy bhature, as well as the use of less soda make it the best street food item ever. I’m also not going to reveal the secret ingredient we use to make chole richer and more palatable. 

 Golgappe: The King of Chaats

 If you try this Delhi street cuisine, you’ll forget about Mumbai’s pani-poori and Kolkata’s puchka. Golgappa is the king of any street meal, whether in Delhi or elsewhere, and they are a must-have item on any list of iconic Delhi street foods.

 Poori Aloo: Indulge in the Goodness of Spices

 This is a spicy and delicious dish from Delhi. If you’re in Delhi and haven’t had this delectable dish, you’re losing out on a huge treat. For spice connoisseurs, this is a must-try! Garnish your poori aloo with a hot halwa. Don’t forget to request more sabzi.

Dahi Bhalle: Sweet and Tangy

You just cannot miss this thrill of Delhi’s street food, better known as Dahi Bhalla. On top of soaking dal vada, sweet curd, and a blend of sweet red and pungent green chutney, this exotic snack will leave you craving for more.

Rolls: Perfect Go-to Snack

No matter where you try them, the Delhi version of these rolls will keep you on your toes. Every Roll wala in Delhi has a unique ingredient that adds to the deliciousness of the dish. It’s the best go-to snack, and there are plenty of food trucks in the city that serve up some delicious rolls.

Samose with Chole: Potato Pockets with Protein

This flavorful fried dish is a specialty of Delhi street cuisine. I guarantee after just one bite of this delectableness, it will become your go-to junk fried meal. If you’re seeking some of Delhi’s greatest vegetarian street food, then this snack is a must-try.

Kulfi: Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

This sweet-savory will appeal to dessert connoisseurs. Crushed dried fruit granules and a rich caramelized milk texture have pushed this to the top of my list of cold desserts.

Final Thoughts

Delhi is a melting pot of cultures and flavors. Now that you have a list of the best street foods in Delhi, go ahead and take a day off to experience these amazing itemss. The city offers a unique mix of classic regional dishes of India without the need to travel to every nook and corner of the country or burning a huge hole in your pocket!

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