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6 House Party Tips for Celebrating New Year Party in Style


Celebrate  New Year Party

New Year is round the corner and like every other party person you too may be interested in inviting your friends, relatives as well as near and dear ones over for a house party. Indeed it would be fun, happiness and entertainment all night long, as you’ll have your favorite food, drinks and friends to accompany you! However, this year you could plan and organize a truly distinct, lively and entertaining gathering at your house for your guests and family members. At TravelRasoi, we’ve gathered some really cool and exciting house party ideas and suggestions that’ll help you in throwing a memorable house party for all and sundry this New Year.

 New Year Party

  1. Place the Furniture Appropriately: Yes, it may sound a little weird but one of the first steps to getting things right is to change the position of the furniture inside your house. Begin by placing your couches away from the music speakers. Also, put the table strategically in a corner of the living room. This would give your guests enough space to move around and dance. Besides, those interested in having a chat can enjoy their discussion separately.
  2. Lighting and Mirror: Lighting is the easiest way to get the perfect feel and environment for your party. Make sure you have colored bulbs and lights placed all around the house. Also, don’t forget to put a mirror right outside your bathroom. This way your guests won’t keep the washroom engaged for make up or touch up.
  3. Selfie Corner and Games: How about creating a selfie corner for your guests? Wouldn’t that attract and appeal your guests right away? Choose or create a nice background in any corner of your house, terrace or any other open area such as lawn and fix some lights and matching décor to provide your guests with the perfect space for clicking memorable pictures with one another. Also, pick some really interesting games like tambola, musical chair etc. for both the kids as well as adults. This would give you the perfect opportunity to keep your guests engaged and entertained.
  4. Sumptuous Snacks & Food: Make sure you pick the right menu, snacks and drinks for your guests. Remember, you’ll be inviting people of different age groups including elders and kids. Thus, it is important to include drinks for the adult members and children, as well as snacks such as chips, sandwiches, pakoras, cheesy dips, biscuits etc. for one and all. Also, don’t have too many items for the dinner and always keep a mix and match of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for your guests. Remember, people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to food and fun. Another handy tip is to organize a barbecue for your guests, especially if you have a huge lawn or garden area within your house premises. Your guests would love the idea of enjoying hot snacks with their favorite wine or beer.
  5. Prepare Your Playlist in Advance: Don’t depend on your guests when it comes to music & entertainment. Instead, download a nice collection of DJ songs for the New Year’s party night and have it played in the background for those would like to dance and show their moves & shakes. Remember, to download popular songs and classics to set the right mood and environment for the party.
  6. Have a Theme: Want to do things a bit differently this year? Set a theme for the party and ask your guests to follow the dress code no matter what. Think of cool, funky and unusual themes like showing up in traditional wear or wearing a hat to the party or carrying your favorite accessory or just about anything that you may not have tried earlier.

Lastly, remember that you’re the host for the evening as well as in charge of everything including food, fun and entertainment and above all your guests. Hence, remain calm and sober as well as make sure that none of your invitees cross their limits or get over drunk.


-Puja Bhardwaj

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