Five Magic Tech Innovations

5 Magic Tech Innovations in the Market That Revamp the World

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Tech Innovations

A lot of hurdles have been surpassed in the last few years due to advancement in technology. Smartphones, Virtual personal assistant, cloud computing all these innovations have modernized the way we live. However, things will move forward from here. Technology is getting better day by day, and the imagination of Sci-fi isn’t farfetched as it seemed 50 years ago.

Hence, we give you a peek into the future and list five magical tech innovations which could have a global impact as of now.

1. Google Glass –

Google is trying to integrate Augmented Reality in our daily life. Sources say Google Glass will enable people to view their social media, text, emails, navigate with GPS and even take photos. All this while you are walking on a road. In short, they can replace mobile and act as a computer on their own.

Tech Innovations

This could be in the market in the next five years as Google’s co-founder S Brin has already tested the glass with many people in the US. This innovation could attach people and be online forever.

2. Form 1 –

This is a personalize 3D printer which can mould your solid design into a real-life product. This would give common people the ability to create their own design without anyone’s approval is amazing. They can create their own furniture or even cars if they can do accurate math.

Tech Innovations

Once this 3D printer becomes a norm, people will start giving lessons on YouTube to do crazy stuff with it just like Mine craft in real life. Forbes has also named Form 1 as one of the innovation to watch in the future.

3. Leap Motion –

It is technology which able you to use phone and desktop without touching them, i.e., using your gestures. A motion sensor only detect one hand while leap motion detects both hands and you can operate all tools like zooming in a map, taking photos, playing games with your hand and finger movement only.

Tech Innovations

This will take the experience of playing games on your laptop, phone to another level. People could even feel motion sensors if they incorporate other technologies together. Clearly, a gamer could experience war or drive a car with only his bare hands while sitting in front of a desktop.

4. SmartThings –

Imagine a technology which connects all of your devices and works on their own. For Eg. your smoke detector detecting some fire and immediately signaling your phone, parking your driverless car away from the driveway and informing local fire station as well. All of these without you pressing any buttons.

Tech Innovations

This is SmartThings. It will act as a hub, and every device will be connected to it, and you just have to command to make things happen. You will feel like Tony Stark, the possibilities are endless with SmartThings. An EU panel of scientists named this birth of a Sci-Fi future.

5. Parallella –

This is another innovation from the Bat Cave. Parallella is a supercomputer which resides in your bedroom. An Energy-efficient computer capable of executing complex software process effectively. You will be able to display holograms, real-time object tracking and much more using Parallella.

Tech Innovations

Many experts from IBM and Google have termed Parallella as “Supercomputer for Everyone”. These computers will come with an app which could do forensic testing, millions of years of simulation, etc. like a calculator app.

These are just a few innovative technologies which are set to cause a significant impact on the world in the next few years.

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