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5 Refreshing Summer Drinks for Your Children

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Summers are here and so are the scorching heat rays from the sun as well as dry, hot and sweltering weather conditions. This is causing a great deal of havoc in our lives, even as we continue to experience discomfort and lack of energy every single minute. Imagine if this is happening to us adults, what would be the condition of your kids.

Yes, children dislike hot weather conditions, as it leaves them at loss of energy. However, there a few ways or quick tips that you can use to provide them with instant relief from the hot and humid summer climate. We are basically referring to refreshing summer drinks that you could easily prepare for your little ones to keep them cool and hydrated throughout the season. Here, we’ve listed some really cool and awesome drinks that you can instantly prepare at home to surprise your kids.

Refreshing Aam Panna: Kids love this drink as it is made with their favourite fruit-mango. In order to make this amazing drink, you need to start by pressure cooking some mangoes. Once they are boiled enough, peel their skin off and use the pulp to prepare the drink. You will also need to add some salt and sugar and a few cumin seeds to blend it all together. After the mixture is ready, add crushed ice cubes before serving the drink to your little ones.

Aam Panna Summer Drinks

Tip: Add honey in place of sugar, in case you want to prepare a healthier version of your favourite Aam Panna. 

Good Old Lassi: Another quick drink that is both refreshing and revitalizing is the good old lassi. In fact, this is a quick yet simple drink that will instantly boost your child’s energy levels. To prepare this drink, you need a cup or two of yogurt (depending upon the quantity you wish to prepare) and add some sugar to it. Once you whisked and blended the two ingredients together, your drink would be ready for consumption.

Sweet and Salt Lassi

Tip: Add fruit or your child’s favourite fruit syrup to add a little twist to your lassi.

Yummy Melon and Banana Shake: If your child is fond of bananas and melons, then this drink is perfect for him/her. It is packed with nutrients and tastes exceptionally good. Peel of some bananas and melon and blend in your food processor along with half or one cup of milk as well as sugar. Once done, place the same in the refrigerator and give it to your children after they’re back from the school or the playground.

Watermelon and Banana Shake

Tip: You can also add some yogurt and fruit chunks to make your drink more interesting and healthy.

Tasty Lemonade: Simple and quick to make, you can never go wrong with the lemonade. It is refreshing and highly nutritious. All you really need to do is squeeze some lemons to take out their juice and mix it up with sugar and ice cubes. Once you’re done all that mixing, chill the lemonade before serving it.

Lemonade Summer Drink

Tip: Add some mint leaves and black salt to make it more tangy and flavourful.

Awesome Fruit Smoothie: Kids are always fond of smoothies so if you have a couple of fruits such as mango, banana, papaya, grapes and apricots lying at home, then mix them all together in your fruit processor. Also add some yogurt if you want the drink to taste tangy and yummy, both at the same time.

Mix fruit  Smoothie summer drinks

Tip: Add some honey to boost your smoothie’s nutritional value.

Apart from this, you can also consider preparing pomegranate juice, cucumber and watermelon juice and a variety of shakes for your children to keep them cool, happy and replenished during throughout the summer season.

-Puja Bhardwaj

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