Technology Has Made Travelling Easy Peasy

4 Ways in Which Technology Has Made Travelling Quick and Hassle-free

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Remember, those days when we used to stand up in the queues before railway counters to book our rail tickets or needed a print out of our airline tickets and boarding passes in order to catch/board our flights. Prior to the advent of technology, travelling was a tedious process. In fact, everything including transportation, hotel check-in and bag packing was a time-consuming process.

However, technology has changed the way we travel today. Advanced Technologies including mobile phones, electronic payment options, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media etc. have enabled us to enjoy quick, comfortable and hassle-free travelling. Read on to find out how technology has simplified our travelling experiences.

  1. Saves time and Environment: Thanks to technology, today we spend less time making reservations at the hotel over phone call or booking our rail/flight tickets. We can now do all of that through easy to use apps on our smartphones, tablets, computers or laptops. In fact, almost every hotel, as well as flight operating companies, are now offering messaging facility to their clients, which means you can now use the chat option to interact with computers (based on Artificial Intelligence) or human begins to book your tickets, room and access hotel/flight services with ease.

Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones

Also, we no longer need to carry a printed version of our tickets or hotel reservations. With e-tickets, mobile check-in facilities and online reservation options, we get to save a lot of paper and cause less harm to the environment.

  1. Payments Made Easier, Travelling is Safer: One of the biggest benefits of technology is that it has simplified the entire process of making/accepting payments. As a result, we don’t need to carry a lot of cash while travelling or even use cash/credit or debit cards for making payments at the hotels or holiday homes that we choose for staying while on a vacation or when travelling for work or other personal reasons. This has also made travelling much safer and convenient. Thus, electronic payment options including Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, Apple pay and other visa or credit card payment options has enabled us to go cashless and enjoy our trips without the need for carrying cash almost everywhere.

electronic payment options called wallets

With ATM facility available across the nation as well as abroad, travelling has become much easier and safer. Remember, carrying cash implies that you will have to be extremely careful about using and keeping the amount safe. This can be difficult, especially when you are travelling abroad. However, technology such as electronic payment does not require us to carry a lot of cash and thus avoid incidents of fraud and theft.

  1. Personalize Our Travelling Experience: Travellers today want their itineraries personalized and look forward to unique travelling experiences. With technology such as chat facility, website booking, apps and other online help services, travellers can now modify their trips and enjoy it exactly the way they had always dreamt of.
  1. Save Space in Your Backpacks While Travelling: A good number of travellers who are also avid readers or love to listen to music earlier carried additional gadgets such as iPods or music systems and their favourite books while travelling. However, technology has allowed them to save space with their backpacks, as they no longer need to carry iPods or books to their preferred travel destination. Today, music lovers can create an iTunes or Spotify account to listen to their favourite music over their smartphones or tablets. On the other hand, book lovers can now turn to gadgets such as Amazon Kindles and other e-readers instead of carrying a whole lot of bulky books with their backpacks or suitcases.

who love reading and listening music

In a nutshell, it won’t be wrong to say that technology has changed the way we travel today. Technologies including the latest gadgets, apps, and chat options have made every traveller’s life quick, simple, convenient and easy-peasy in many ways.


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