3d Printer and Foldable Smartphones

3d Printer and Foldable Smartphones In India

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Foldable Smartphones in India:

If you are not excited with 3d printing, and foldable smartphones because you’re not thinking big enough. But some technology futurists predict that these inventions can radically change human’s lifestyle. Now let’s look at each one of them and see how they will affect the world.

People always used to hear about a foldable phone is in research, and each year they would hint as if it would be released. Samsung finally did it this year, and it has opened everyone’s mouth. With it, two people can use the same phone for different things on an average smartphone screen. Cameras have also been an essential feature of any smartphone, and with OEM, this has taken to new boundaries.

Foldable Smartphones In India

Another thing which use to annoy users was crack screens and how easily they were shattered. But the foldable smartphone is very flexible in nature, and it will definitely reduce the crack screen in the future. Another resurgence would be tablets which is a dying breed, but with a foldable smartphone, they will be back in the market. If this technology becomes successful, people would be able to fold TVs into a small bit and keep it inside their pockets.

As we saw, there are an infinite number of possibilities with these inventions but what about the downside; are they just ahead of their time?

The 3D printer as good as it is will certainly reduce the number of jobs in many industries. People with more software-based knowledge would be hired while hard labor would be virtually over. This will bring a lot of chaos among the public and with increasing population in various parts of the world especially the Indian subcontinent, an invention which reduces the number of jobs won’t make the public happy. This would also mean that people would be able to print anything they want which is never a good thing.

3d Printer:

Theoretically printing a hand, leg, kidney or even a beating heart was always possible. However, with 3d Printer in town, humans have successfully printed skin, limb. And now are proceeding towards more complex things. If the technology continued at this rate, many experts suggest we would not be able to recognize today’s life 100 years from now.

3d Printer

A common man with the right input would be able to print out his entire house by inputting a few details in his computer. Disability would be a thing of past, humanoid might be far-fetched but soon a reality in a century or two. A whole new solution is open in medical surgeries; surgeons could transplant affected organs of the body very quickly and easily. Scientists can build their sophisticated machinery using the software on that computer and then printing it. Research would be much more to conduct with 3d printers.  

Now looking at foldable smartphones from outside, doesn’t seem to be harmful a bit. However, the reality is a bit different. As foldable phones open up new doors, it traps the human race in their addiction to the smartphone even more. As technology will unfold, we will be a lot dependent on these phones in the future. This is not a good thing in any sense. If we combine these two innovations, our dependence on the smartphone and long-lasting lives, will only our species lazier and less creative in future or something even more dangerous.

But it all boils down to one thing, how we proceed with these innovations in the future. It can go either way, it can be gun powder, a material not initially developed for war but turned into the reason for most kills in human history. Or the nuclear bombs which are dormant under the earth. Although the chances are we heading too fast, I like to think this is a huge leap for mankind as we can see from our history, humans can control almost everything.


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