Ganges in India (Ganga)

The Significance, Origin and Magnificence of the Ganges in India

The Ganges, in India, is not only regarded as a holy or sacred river but also draws the attention of countless people from all across the globe. Ganges, also referred to as River Ganga is the 3rd largest river in the world and the longest in India. Spanning across 2525 km, the river emerges in […]

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Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Experience Outstanding Teamwork with the All-New Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft recently announced that Surface Hub 2S is now available in India. It must be noted that Surface Hub 2S is an all-in-one digital whiteboard, teamwork collaborating, and meeting platform  computing device designed for the sophisticated workplace. The device is available at INR 11,89,999, and comes with the Surface Hub 2 Camera as well as […]

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Tech to The Rescue-How Technology Enables Companies to Fight Unforeseen Circumstances

If you own a company or business, then it is certain to expect some unforeseen circumstances during the long run. By unforeseen circumstances, we can refer to any type of situation that can affect the functioning of a company. Some of them can be, economic depression, political disturbance, major changes in rules and regulations, epidemic […]

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