Vishwa Foundation’s Agnihotra Therapy

How Vishwa Foundation’s Agnihotra Therapy Can Better Heal the World and the People?

In today’s world we are plagued with numerous issues and concerns including climate change, reduced food production, poor health, increased mental health issues, higher addiction and crime rate as well as other global catastrophes or problems. These issues exhaust us mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and environmentally, leaving us completely drained and exhausted. Given the above […]

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Lenovo Legion Y740

Why is Lenovo Legion Y740 Making Waves in the Laptop Community?

The Lenovo Legion Y740 comes with stealthy looks and excellent performance. Can it make an impact on the laptop industry? Before moving on to that, we like to mention that Intel has come out with 2 10th generation CPU. These 2 are lined up for next year and may cause a lot of confusion in […]

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