India organize the biggest election

How does India organize the biggest election in the world?

The May of this year was a big event for everyone in the world. As the world biggest democracy conducted its nation-wide election. More than 900 million people were eligible for voting, and estimates show 67% of them turned up on their respective voting day. Strangely enough, it went through like a hot knife through […]

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Occasion of Dhanteras

Things You Should and Should Not Bring Home on the Occasion of Dhanteras this Year

This year Danteras will be celebrated on the 25th of October. The festival of Dhanteras marks the beginning of the popular Hindu festival-Diwali. Also referred to as Dhanvantri Jayanti or the Dhantrayodashi, the festival is celebrated with much fun and fervour during the Kartik month (October-November) on the thirteenth day of the Krishna Paksha or […]

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technology shaping the Indian IT

Top 10 technology shaping the Indian IT market

The market doesn’t stop for anyone or anything. It keeps moving and evolving. With technology advancing at a rapid phase, new trends appear each week. However, only a handful of these technologies are able to make an impact on the market. Normally, such lists are always dominated by the same technology for the past few […]

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Destinations in North-India

5 Destinations in North-India that Will Leave You Spellbound

If travelling is something that you are passionate about or associate with, then plan a trip to the north-eastern states of India. Travellers, around the globe, have fallen in love with the North-eastern states right on their first visit. While some admire them for their splendid mountain peaks, others love to explore the state for […]

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Trekking Enthusiasts

Trekking Enthusiasts Would Love to Trail These Mountains in India

Given our homeland’s mesmerizing landscapes, it has been tough to lockout on one trekking course. So, to make this simpler, I put together my choices on the three criteria. A trek that daily presents me with incredible panoramas and not merely on a couple of days. Next was a trek that brings me close to […]

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Dandiya Raas Celebration During Navaratri

Dandiya Raas Celebrations During Navaratri-The Orgin & Significance

Dandiya or the Danidiya Raas is held with much enthusiasm in all parts of India and even abroad. It forms an integral part of the Navratri celebrations and isn’t merely restricted to the state of Gujarat. People across different states of India, unite to participate in the Dandiya celebrations & events organized by local and […]

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