Galaxy Tab

What can you expect from Galaxy tab S5e and A10.1?

Samsung recently launched two new tablets in the Indian market. They are the Galaxy Tab A10.1 and Galaxy Tab S5e. These are slim and lightweight tablets which have an edge-to-edge display and a performance similar to PC.  However, both are different from one and other. Galaxy Tab S5e is a mid-range premium tablet with Super […]

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Best Kids Friendly Resorts in India

Best Kids Friendly Resorts in India for an Ideal Family Vacay

Whenever the school holidays are around the corner, children demand an outing! Even though it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend some time together, many of us believe it’s a mess to plan a trip along with a kid (or kids). In this scenario, our nightmare would be to reach a destination where children aren’t safe […]

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snooped on your husband’s or wife’s phone

Is Snooping on Your Partner’s Phone Good for Your Relationship?

One night Priyanka patiently waited for her husband to slip into deep slumber. She wanted to peep into his phone and find out what he was up to. Why he never let anyone near his phone, including her? Why was he always smiling while exchanging messages over phone? She had started doubting his intentions and […]

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