Smart Home

How AI is contributing to home automation: SMART HOME

Among the many expectations that people have from technology, comfort stands at the top of everyone’s priority. With the rapid advancement in technology, especially AI, you can expect a lot of changes in the way you live in your home. Nowadays, people are addicted to their smartphones, and tech companies are making their electronic devices […]

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OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro: A Better Phone With Features To Blow Its Competitor Apart!

OnePlus almost went out of work nearly five years ago and today they have launched a phone that is just as good and even better in many regards as a Galaxy S10 Plus or iPhone XS Max, but it costs significantly less. OnePlus is thriving all around the world, especially in developing countries like India. […]

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Summer Vacation

5 Activities for Kids to Enjoy During Summer Vacation

It’s time for summer vacations and while many of you may have already planned your holiday or trips to your preferred destinations, some of you may be thinking of staying behind. But, whether or not you choose to travel, you must provide your kids with plenty of opportunities to enjoy their vacations. Besides, given the […]

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Technology Convergence in Creating Better Lives For People As We Venture into 2020

It is often believed that the present is pregnant with the future. Technology resonates through our lives, much more than you realize it. As we are moving forward, technology and our life are intertwined even more. With all these technological advances converging together, our life is being shaped for the better as we venture into […]

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