Vampire Bloodlines 2

Paradox Interactive Launches the Sequel to Vampire: The Masquerade® Bloodlines Games

The game would feature ray-tracing capability in real time and support NVIDIA’s DLL technology Vampire: The Masquerade® Bloodlines, a classic game released in 2004, has recently got its sequel which will support NVIDIA’s DLSS technology and also feature ray tracing capability in real-time. The sequel was launched by Paradox Interactive at a recent Game Developers […]

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Digital Twins and DTO in Tech Market

Impact of Digital Twins and DTO in Tech Market in 2019

Though the digital twin concept has been around since 2002, still it recently turned into a remarkable advancement due to the emergence of the Internet of Things as well as Industry 4.0 revolution. The Present Scenario of Digital Twins Think about digital twin as an augmentation between the digital and physical world. Nearly anything you […]

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Holi Safety for Kids

How to Keep Your Kids Safe During Holi?

The festival of colors, Holi is almost here and everyone including children and adults are gearing up to celebrate the occasion in their own ways. Aside to playing with vibrant colors & pichkaris and enjoying the tasty gujiyas, kheer, sweets and the mouth-watering dahi-bhalle (also known as dahi-vada), it is important that we ensure that […]

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Mothers today and then

Mothers today and then-Have Things Really Changed?

Motherhood is a blessing, but is accompanied by several other challenges that often leave mothers craving for some ‘Me time’ or ‘Personal Space’ and most importantly ‘Peace of mind’. I am sure you must have come across several other women who share similar sentiments. Like you, they need to be at the beck and call […]

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Five Magic Tech Innovations

Five Magic Tech Innovations in the Market That Aims To Revamp the World As We See

A lot of hurdles have been surpassed in the last few years due to advancement in technology. Smartphones, Virtual personal assistant, cloud computing all these innovations have modernized the way we live. However, things will move forward from here. Technology is getting better day by day, and the imagination of Sci-fi isn’t farfetched as it […]

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Chingri Malaikari

Creamy Bengali Prawn Curry with Coconut Milk – Bengali style-Chingri Malaikari

Delectable, scrumptiousand rich in flavour, “chingri malaikari” or giant tiger prawns cooked in creamy coconut-milk curry—is a Bengali treat. “Chingri Malaikari” is the quintessential Bengali recipe. It is made by cooking large tiger prawns (bagda chingri) or giant freshwater prawns (golda chingri) in a super-subtle and super-creamy coconut-milk sauce. It’s quick recipe to make. The […]

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