NVIDIA Announces RTX Hybrid Graphics Featuring AI and Ray Tracing Inventions

Gamescom : NVIDIA recently announced its all new GeForce RTX™ series, the highly innovative and first gaming Graphics Processing Units that is designed on the latest NVIDIA Turing™ architecture as well as the NVIDIA RTX™ platform that features next-gen shaders along with ray tracing in real time and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. This is one of […]

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Photography in India – Then & Now!

Photography in India has had a wonderful start. It started with what was called the Daguerreotype camera that began to be advertised in Calcutta after a year they were invented in France. During the pre-independence period, Photographic societies in Bombay, Madras and Calcutta were formed during the 1850s to provide impetus to the growth of […]

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wild woyages

Into the ‘Woyages’ of clicking the Wild!

A community of wildlife photographers, naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists, Wild Woyages was founded in 2015 to be a platform to showcase photography talent irrespective of whether they are professionals or amateurs. ‘Woyages’ – yes you heard it right! The word “woyages” was chosen purposely with a “W” in the beginning instead of “V” as […]

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Gaming Monitor in India Market

Gaming Monitor Market in India – What Does the Future Behold?

According to an IDC report, the worldwide PC market has been flat for the 1st quarter of the year with only 60.4 million units shipped globally. However, the scenario for the gaming monitor market is completely different. The global gaming monitor market witnessed a considerable growth in 2017 and will continue to expand its share […]

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