Ideal Smartphone for Girl

A few tips every girl should consider before getting their ideal smartphone!

Being a girl is not so easy. They all have one confusing spiral of perfection encircling their thoughts. Girls always have a different choice in everything they want to buy. No matter whether it is about gadgets, clothes, fashion related stuff or something else, they always have something extraordinary set in their minds. Usually, most […]

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Technology Has Made Travelling Easy Peasy

4 Ways in Which Technology Has Made Travelling Quick and Hassle-free

Remember, those days when we used to stand up in the queues before railway counters to book our rail tickets or needed a print out of our airline tickets and boarding passes in order to catch/board our flights. Prior to the advent of technology, travelling was a tedious process. In fact, everything including transportation, hotel […]

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Mother's Day 2018

“A Mother is a Woman Like No Other”-Celebrating Mother’s Day!

Mothers are ‘God sent Angels’ on earth! Indeed, everything that they do for us is unimaginable, as it takes a lot of effort to constantly toil and exert yourself for the well being of another human being. She is a mother, cook, cleaner, caretaker, guide, mentor and above all a huge support system for her […]

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