Discovering the splendour of La Villa Bethany Landour


La Villa Bethany Landour 

I have always been fascinated by the unusual. Atypical things are exciting and a vacation is no exception. That is why we chose a home-stay over a regular hotel this time for a vacation in Landour. For the people who are oblivious of the place, Landour is a small cantonment town close to Mussoorie. It is about 35 kms from the city of Dehradun in the northern state of Uttarakhand.

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We were greeted with a drizzle as soon as we entered the beautiful home-stay, La Villa Bethany (LVB). And that is what made me instantly fall in love with it. Coming from the sweltering heat of Delhi, the mizzle in the cool weather came as a blessing and I instantly realised how much I have missed this weather.

La Villa Bethany

The dewy leaves and the washed roads were a treat to watch and so was the sight of the home-stay. LVB is plush green in every corner you can look at. Spread in an acre of land, LVB is actually an old English cottage that reminds you of the magic of the Colonial Era. They say that LVB is situated in the wooded area of Landour but what is really inviting about it is that it makes you feel absolutely at home. This boutique property has common areas and gardens. It provides an experience of the good old days in its architecture, decor, colors, traditions, cuisine, service and lifestyle.

La Villa Bethany

This place is ideal for people who are attracted to simplicity more than luxury. LVB cottages are an inspiration for people who live in tiny houses and crib about space. This place teaches you how a tiny space can actually be done up very wisely, tastefully and artistically. The cottage rooms are adorned with multiple picture frames, making the walls look bright and cheerful. My most favourite area of the cottage was the balcony. It gave a captivating view of the entire home-stay and Mussoorie. My eyes often stuck to the smoke covered mountains.

Landour surely is a marvel of nature.  And if you are a fan of all things pure and fresh, you would love LVB. I also learned that LVB is the sole property in the whole of Landour to use solar energy. Not just that, water management is applause worthy here. With a capacity of 80,000 litres of rain water harvesting, they hardly face any water scarcity. So amazing is their commitment to providing a responsible tourism that even the rejected water from a water purifier is collected and utilised for mopping and washing etc.

tiny houses


solar energy

play area for children

LVB is run by a couple called Sunita & Amarjeet  Kudle, who are experts in the hospitality industry. They have wisely used their hospitality skills in building an experience called La Villa Bethany, which is mesmerising in every way. One cottage accommodated 10 of us very comfortably. Not only are the cottages beautiful from beginning till the end, they also make you cuddle up for an amazing family time. What really amazed me was that Sunita herself participated in the preparation of meals served in the morning and evening. She doesn’t feel shy in serving and cooking herself. With just a little support from local helps (just 2 others to be precise), she pulled off quite a wholesome dinner each night.

preparation of meals

dring room- La Villa Bethany Landour

Located on the famed Chukkar Road, between Char Dukaan and Sister’s Bazaar, La Villa Bethany is surely an experience you wouldn’t want to miss if you ever plan a trip to Landour, Mussoorie.

– Meenakshi Besoya

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