About Us

TravelRasoi is the stop for a traveler in spirit. It is aimed to be a distinctive gateway to discover the individuality of a place. As you virtually Travel around the world, you will also be acquainted with the unique food cultures, and the shared recipes and food tips will be specifically designed to rekindle your Rasoi skills. Travelrasoi is a mindblogging spot where readers will be greeted with a Cover Story that will explore an exclusive destination every month; it will feature food that is unique to the place and will also introduce its readers to a Chef of that place. So whether it is about an untraveled tourist destination for people or knowing about any food recipe, the one address which will help you get this information is www.travelrasoi.com. In a nutshell, the blog rightly places before you all that you want to know about travel and food at the click of a button. It is a destination for exploring locations, igniting your taste buds and stirring your inner spirituality.


TravelRasoi Team



Anjali Sethi Joshi

A big foodie, a passionate traveller, a career-oriented woman, a doting mother and wife…and the list goes endless. Being a Marketing professional, starting a blog on Food & Travel would have sounded a tough decision to many, but for me this is where I found my true calling. The fact that I follow my heart in whatever I do gets reflected in this decision. With a career spanning more than 10 years in Marketing and having travelled immensely throughout, what ignited me to start a blog on Food & Travel might be a long story. It’s the zeal within me to explore the unexplored and search for the finer details that inspired me to start this journey, but at the heart of it is my passion of being an entrepreneur and starting a dream project involving food and travel.



Samrita Baruah

Exploring places less travelled and trying out different cuisines has always been my passion; this blog is my attempt to rekindle and add a journalistic fervour to this passion. A career in journalism has further helped me push my limits, while experimenting with new writing styles that would appeal to the casual reader. This blog is a culmination of my pursuits of travel, food and journalism, which I hope will in due course, grow from a seedling now to a full-grown tree, bearing fruits of knowledge and information.


Keshav Kumar Joshi

Web developing professionals are always the unsung heroes but we as a team give him the complete credit. An M.Sc in Computer Science, Keshav’s contribution to the blog will be to look into its nitty gritty and keep it properly functioning all the time. The utmost efforts he has put in day in, day out to come up with one of the best looking blogs cannot go unrewarded. By putting up a strong, efficient back-end system, Keshav is trying his best to place the blog on a firm footing and give our dream project a shape. Rest assured that we have the best team working on the blog.